Casetify CTF3984142163404 Stainless Steel Watch Band 40/38mm Black

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Elevate your style with this meticulously woven stainless steel milanese loop for Apple Watch by Casetify. Apple Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm),Apple Apple Watch Series 4 (40mm),Apple Apple Watch Series 1 (38mm),Apple Apple Watch Series 2 (38mm)

  • Sleek and durable woven stainless steel strap features a fully magnetic closure to ensure a snug, seamless fit around your wrist. Completely adjustable, this apple watch bracelet will fit just about anyone.
  • Long-lasting, smooth stainless steel Apple watch band sits nicely and feels light on the wrist.
  • Secure magnet ensures that the Apple watch strap won't budge throughout the course of your day.