Dual USB Naztech N420 TRiO 5.4A Car Charger w/USB-C PD Cable (27W)

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Need fast charging power on the road? The Naztech USB-C TRiO converts your vehicle's single outlet into a powerhouse that will keep all your devices charged while traveling. Simultaneously fast charge 3 devices at once including a Type-C laptop! The built-in USB-C Power Delivery (PD) cable can provide an ultra-fast 27W to compatible devices while 2 additional USB ports offer 2.4A of high-speed power* to charge any additional mobile devices. Featuring IntelliQ Smart Chip Technology, each port automatically detects your device’s power needs and adjusts power flow accordingly. This versatile charger is designed to live in your car socket with a glossy black finish, illuminated USB ports, and a blue LED power indicator. It’s a must-have charging solution for multi-device users.*When charging 2 devices simultaneously, each port will charge at 1.2A charging speeds. If only 1 port is in use it will charge at 2.4 charging speeds.What is Power Delivery?USB-C Power Delivery (PD) is a charging protocol that enables safe, faster charging for a growing range of compatible devices from high-powered laptops, and monitors, to smartphones and tablets. It was created to standardize charging across all future USB devices, reducing the need to have a different charger for each device.IntelliQ TechnologyIntegrated Smart Chips detect each device’s power needs and automatically adjust the power flow to the exact levels needed for the fastest and most efficient charging possible.

• Fast 2.4A charging speeds • Sleek design with glossy black finish• Blue LED power indicator• MacBook compatible• Adaptive Fast Charge Technology • Charge 1 iPad with a rapid 2.4A output or charge 2 devices simultaneously• 8ft coiled cable provides length to charge a USB-C device in the backseat• Overcurrent protection, power overload recovery & overcharge protection

Manufacturer Model Name: N420 TRiO Car ChargerColour: BlackDevice Brand: UniversalDevice: USB, USB-C

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