iHome iSP6W SmartPlug

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Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, the iSP6 SmartPlug from iHome allows you to remotely control the device plugged into it. Download the free iHome Control App for iOS and Android and turn a light, heater, or fan on and off directly from your device. The app also allows you to create scenes so that you can simultaneously control multiple devices, enabling you to set the mood by turning off all of the lights at once or readying your home for your arrival by turning the lights and air conditioner on.
Compatible with Apple HomeKit, the plug can also be controlled through voice commands when used with Siri. Additionally, the plug works with Nest 'Home and "Away" statuses, the SmartThings platform, and the Wink app as well as Amazon Echo. If you are at home already, you can also control the device using an iSPR4 remote control (available separately) at distances of up to 35' away (without line of sight). The outlet can be used with any devices that are 1800W and below and features a slim design which allows you to use the other outlet while the SmartPlug is plugged in."

  • Wi-Fi enabled plug allows remote control of connected device
  • Control the plug from your mobile device using the iHome Control App for iOS and Android
  • Create scenes to control multiple devices simultaneously
  • Plugs into any standard 120 VAC power outlet
  • Slim design doesn't cover up outlets above or below SmartPlug
  • Compatible with iSPR4 remote control (available separately)
  • Can be used with Apple HomeKit for Siri voice commands (with iOS 9.0 or above)
  • Works with Nest 'Home and "Away" statuses, the SmartThings platform, the Wink app, and Amazon Echo
  • Suitable for use with devices such as lights, fans, portable heaters, and coffee makers