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iPhone 6S Plus/ 6 Plus Dog & Bone Silvertail Wetsuit case

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Embrace water while still enjoying all the best features of your device with the Dog & Bone Wetsuit case for the iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus. This rugged case gives you waterproof, shockproof, dirt proof and snow proof protection while giving you the ability to directly touch your smartphones touchscreen. The phone screen is waterproofed with dual sealing beads, avoiding the need for additional plastic to surround the screen. That`s right, there’s nothing that covers up your screen, so you`ll have optimum touchscreen sensitivity and greater usability. This case is tough yet still slim, it meets military standards to withstand drops to two meters and features unique rubber bumper stops for added cushioning and protection. Go about your day with confidence, with or without water thanks to the Dog & Bone Wetsuit waterproof case.

• Waterproof – Submersible up to 2 meters for thirty minutes• Dirt proof – Secure from dirt and dust particles • Snow proof – Fully sealed from snow and ice• Shockproof – Meets and exceeds Military standards (MIL STD-810G*), withstanding drops to two metres• Direct touchscreen contact• Touch ID compatible • Rubberized bumpers for added cushioning and protection• Highest level of ingress protection from water and dust (IP68)**• Anti-reflective glass surrounding camera lens and flash area• Optional screen protector included*To achieve the MIL-STD-810G, the product must pass the Transit Drop Test which involves 26 impacts conducted from a height of 1.22meters (4ft) distributed across five supplied units in accordance with the MIL-STD-810G METHOD 516.5 Shock Procedure IV – Transit Drop. To pass the test, the device must not be damaged, but the case can be damaged, i.e. if it dropped twenty times and the cases is eventually damaged but the device is undamaged, then this is a PASS. **IP68: Ingress protection, 6 is the highest level of dust protection which stops the dust to ingress into the product. 8 is the highest level of water protection, meaning it is protected against water submersion.

Manufacturer Model Name: Wetsuit CaseColour: WhiteSecondary Colour: GrayColour Tag: SilvertailDevice Brand: AppleDevice: iPhone 6S Plus/6 Plus

Apple : iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus