iPhone X/Xs Gear4 Hammersmith Advanced Hybrid Impact Protection Screen Protector -2pk

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Introducing Hammersmith, Gear4’s advanced hybrid impact protection screen protector. Hammersmith utilises both anti-shock and anti-shatter materials, creating a hybrid PET/TPU screen protector that retains a responsive touch while providing superior shock absorption. The multi-layer construction features a middle layer of soft TPU, a top and bottom PET layer that provides an anti-scratch coating and a stiff structure which enables bubble-free application. Included in the pack are X2 Hammersmith screen protectors that are fully compatible with Gear4 D3O cases.

• Hybrid impact material • Anti-shock/shatter• Bubble-free application• Responsive touch• Anti-residue adhesive• 2-pack

Manufacturer Model Name: HammersmithDevice Brand: AppleDevice: iPhone X/Xs

Apple: iPhone X, iPhone Xs