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JLab Audio JBUDSMARINE JBuds2 Earbuds Marine

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The JBuds2 Signature Earbuds are ready for your favorite music while you travel, head to work, get homework done, or hit the gym. With crystal clear audio, and ergonomic fit they’ll provide all day comfort. Plug it in and be on the GO.

  • Fit won't stop you: Your ears. Your list. Your fit. Adjust your comfort with our patent-pending Adjustable Tip Placement. Customize the depth of your tips for either a relaxed fit or seal them up for perfect noise isolating sound. Need all-day comfort? Pair the JBuds2 with three gel tip sizes - small, medium or large - to take on the longest playlists. Video: Get custom fit with ATP.
  • Design dominance: An ultra lightweight design, with improved ergonomic shape, offers next-level comfort. The ergonomic earbud shape maximizes natural comfort with a 45-degree angle that provides a comfortable, noise-reducing fit that's levels above the rest.
  • Drive your tracks: Finely tuned, high-performance titanium drivers deliver a clean, crisp sound for highs, lows and every range in between. Hi-fi noise-reducing design keeps you focused on music.
  • Ready for any: A 4-foot cord and 90-degree jack offer a slimmer profile and exceptional durability. Throw them in your pocket. Take them to the beach. Test them on the train. Durable materials, combined with JLab's lifetime warranty, keep you moving. Whenever and wherever. Video: Our jack's got your back.