Naztech Black Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charging Pad

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It’s time to lose the cables and take your charging experience to the next level with the Naztech Power Pad Wireless Fast Charger. With the Power Pad Wireless Fast Charger, there’s no need to struggle with aiming plugs into tiny ports or wrestle with long charging cables. Just drop your Qi-enabled device onto the Pad to start charging on contact. Whether your device is Apple or Android, standard or fast-charge compatible, Naztech’s Adaptive Charging Technology instantly delivers up 10 watts of pure power for the fastest wireless charging experience possible. Compatible fast wireless devices can receive twice the power of a standard charger, saving at least an hour of total charging time!Qi Inductive Charging TechnologyCharge all Qi-enabled devices or devices equipped with a Qi-Enabled receiver. Qi-ready devices include the iPhone X/8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, S8/S8+, Note 8, S7/S7 Edge, and more.Fast Charge On ContactGet back to 100% faster than ever before. If you’ve been stuck with standard charger, it’s time for an upgrade. Engineered with double the power of standard wireless and wired chargers, the 10 watt output of the Power Pad can save you a full hour of total charging time!

• Wireless charging pad for all Qi-enabled devices• Adaptive Charging Technology• Designed to work through most protective cases• Low-profile design with matte black finish• Rubberized grips securely hold device in place while charging• Nightstand-friendly design with a calming blue halo LED charging indicator• Heat-efficient design with integrated ventilation ring• Includes a Fast Charge wall adapter and 4ft Micro USB cable• Overcurrent protection, power overload recovery & overcharge protection

Manufacturer Model Name: QI Wireless Charging PadColour: BlackDevice Brand: Universal

All Qi-Enabled Phones