Naztech Black Magbuddy Headrest Mount

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“Are we there yet?” happy Passengers make for a smoother ride (and happier driver!), but built-in headrest monitors not only cost an arm and a leg, they limit you to in-car entertainment only. There’s a better option for passengers AND drivers: Transform any headrest into a Multimedia Center with the MagBuddy Headrest Mount, a compact and cradle-free magnetic system that firmly secures even the largest tablets without vibrations or wiggling. The adjustable clamps are universally compatible and effortlessly secure the mount to any vehicle's headrest. Let passengers focus on the screen, so you can focus on the road ahead!Absolutely Portable Fun Load up your iPad or tablet with all the latest games, TV shows, and movies you want before you hit the road, Insta-Lock it onto the mount and enjoy hands-free entertainment on your terms! The fun doesn’t need to stop when you reach your destination, You Can Take it With You! Just Grab & Go!Compact & Cradle-Free Minimal Footprint, Maximum Functionality. There are no arms, legs, or brackets that may snag or tangle charger cables or block access to ports and buttons, allowing Full-screen Visibility and Reach. Charging cables can stay plugged in to keep your devices fully powered. The Entertainment Never Has to End!360° Swivel Ball Technology Instantly switch from Portrait to Landscape and every position in between. The pivoting head design accommodates passengers of all heights and also conveniently allows shared viewing for when your backseat is at maximum occupancy.MagBuddy™ Plate Installation OptionsThe included MagBuddy™ Plates can be applied directly to your device, adhered to the battery just under the battery cover, sandwiched in-between the phone and case or to the outside of the case.

• Headrest magnetic mounting system• Perfect backseat entertainment for passengers• 4 built-in neodymium magnets for safe and secure attachment• 360° Swivel Ball Technology for optimal viewing• 100% Safe, Powerful Rare-Earth Magnets• Quick and easy installation

Manufacturer Model Name: Magbuddy Headrest MountColour: BlackDevice Brand: Universal

Universal - All Phones