Nomad Wallet with Power Bank 2400 mAh Lightning Black

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Black leather wallet with 2400mAh of power built in, so it’s always with you. 
We went to the absolute extreme of lithium-ion battery tech and ultra compact circuit boards to make this an ultra high density battery system. We used an advanced SoC (system on chip) microprocessor and 01005 grade components which allow us to pack a huge 2400mAh battery providing a full charge for your iPhone 6s.
By placing the battery on the spine (patent pending) we were able create a wallet that is no thicker than your standard bill-fold. It's also about the same size as your normal wallet, accomplished by painstakingly trimming wasted space in most wallet patterns.

  • Integrated Lightning cable
  • MFi certified
  • 2400 mAh battery
  • Premium leather
  • Slots for 8 cards