Novo Automatic Smart Volume Control Device

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Novo is an adaptive audio accessory that gives you smart volume control. novo listens to your environment and automatically boosts or reduces your headphone volume based on what’s important to you. Whether you are on a phone call in the city or listening to music in your office, it creates the optimal listening experience for you automatically.Novo was created to be simple, automatic, and useful. Novo is the first wearable tech device that listens to your environment and knows what’s important to you to personalize your listening experience in real-time, automatically. In “boost mode”, the volume of your phone calls can be raised in noisy environments so that you can hear the person you are speaking with better. When listening to music in “reduce mode”, your audio can be softened when outside noises need your attention, so you can hear your surroundings better. Consider Novo your personal volume assistant.

• Automatic volume control for your smartphone• Adjusts headphone volume based on the noises around you• Provides consistent audio levels whether user is listening to music or to a phone call• Boost mode: Increases volume so users can hear over loud background noise• Reduce mode: Softens volume when user needs to hear surroundings• Connects between smartphone and headset through headphone jack• Integrated clothing clip

Colour: WhiteSecondary Colour: Silver

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